Tree Planting Tips

Mr. Tree Natesan is  senior member of Nizhal and Exnora organization. (For the past 40 years, he has been promoting planting of trees. He has planted more than one lakh trees) provided some useful tips to Saaral Social Service Society’s Go Green Project.

SIX P’ s in tree planting:

1.PLANNING— Site selection ,where there is no underground cables or pipelines or overhead lines

2.PICKING— Tree selection to suit the width of the road and the requirement of shade or flowers or both.

3.PLANTING–Digging to an adequate depth, filling with soil mix depending upon the terrain, placing the seedling at the right depth and pressing the soil firmly around the seedling to prevent air pockets which are responsible for rotting.

4.PROTECTING—With Stakes and tree guards and with temporary shades if the sun is too hot.

5.PAMPHERING-Watering the tree daily for a week and saying a few encouraging and applauding words to the tree.

6.PRUNING—Trimming the unwanted side branches in winter or rainy season even when the tree is young so that it minimizes the injury and does not harm the tree.


1. Before pruning ,we should try to train the branch by bending it away from obstructions like overhead wires etc and made to remain in that posture by means of bent splints made of steel. After a few months the branch will retain the desired shape even if the stints are removed This is possible only when the tree is young and the branch tender. This is the BEST.

2. When the tree is grown and the branches are strong, above method is not possible.

Cutting the interfering branch is inevitable , Which should be done only during months of cool climate;ie. from oct to feb. Peak summer should be avoided at any cost.

3.After cutting the branch ,mud paste should be applied to prevent water  loss through evaporation and a plastic sheet should be tied round covering the injury. This also prevents any fungi /stem borer from entering and killing the tree .

4.Tree should watered immediately and for a few more days to minimize the shock [ of cutting] and to show that we really care for the tree.We have to interact with the tree.

If proper considerations are given to the topography . width of the road ,presence of overhead wires/underground cables etc, and select the tree at the time of planting itself, we can avoid the sad task of axing branches which is nothing but cutting ones limbs.

Other Common Tips:

1 . Where trees cannot be planted because of overhead wires, small sized trees or better known as shrubs can be planted . These will not grow tall and hence will not face the axe from linemen.

2. They are also guardians of environment to the extent of their size.

3. Very often the cost of tree guards makes the people loose their enthusiasm to plant trees. But this can be overcome by selecting trees and shrubs which will not be grazed by cattle and hence do not need tree guards.

4. By properly placing a layer of coconut husks at the bottom of the 2.5 ft deep pit before planting a tree , water needs of the tree can be met for even 15 days and thus considerable labor and expenses can be reduced.

5. The pit needs to be filled with sand, manure, and top soil in the ratio of 1:1:1 and a small amount of red earth.

6. The tree needs to be staked soon after planting to give temporary support until it gets enough girth to stand upright.

7. It is preferable to plant the seedling in the evening and in winter so that it escapes the rigors of the sun resulting in better success rates.

8. Watering [ potable water as salty water is deadly] for a week or until the leaves stop drooping is a must.


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